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Music festival and fundraiser to fight against human trafficking


In an effort to put an end to human trafficking, Mission 21 is putting on a music festival and fundraiser on Saturday.

Foster Fest features live music, art, games, food, and different vendors. Mission 21 is a non-profit organization in Rochester that works to fight against human trafficking - serving victims of sex trafficking.
They're working on educating children and parents, so that they could recognize the signs that mean someone is at risk.

"People that are victims of sex trafficking get treated as objects and commodities and their humanity is stripped away from them. And so what we try to do through our programs is with our youth advocates leading the way is to just restore their basic humanity, and their sense of self-worth, self-identity and self-esteem," said Eric Shoars with Mission 21. "The biggest misconception about sex trafficking is that it's a big city problem. It's happening everywhere, and especially when you think of our communities near I-90 and I-35, it makes it a very attractive place for sex trafficker because of the way that the infrastructure is set up."

Saturday's event is free with a recommended donation. All will proceeds go directly to Mission 21.

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