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Glenville Fire Chief was miles away from where man got stuck in grain bin


It was just another average day on the farm.

David Greibrok and his brother Allan Greibrok of Oakland were breaking up rotten corn in a corn bin when David Greibrok became stuck. He was in there for about an hour and 45 minutes.

We tracked down the Fire Chief who was first on the scene.

"Fortunately me and my father, Wes, who is also in the Fire Department, we were just miles away so we were the first ones on scene. And were able to start bringing in resources for the type of call we had on hand," said Chief Matt Webb with the Glenville Fire Department.

Firefighters used a grain rescue tube along with an auger to relieve some of the pressure and remove the corn.

"The pressure of the corn and any time you walk around that patient on the corn, all it does is pack that in tighter around him. So there's two things you wanna consider is not to disturb the area around him, or disturb it as little as possible, and also just the urgency of getting him out of there," said Webb. 

Firefighters were there just before 10 o'clock and were able to get Greibrok out of there before noon.

The Albert Lea fire department was one of many there to assist. 

"With any grain bin situation you wanna get the person out as quickly as possible. That grain is like quick sand; as you sink down in you can sink down out of sight. The grain itself can create pressure on the chest, not allowing a person to breathe, cutting off circulation to different parts of the body," said Chief Jeff Laskowske with the Albert Lea Fire Department.

Chief Laskowkse was Webb's command on the ground since Webb was on top of the bin the whole time.

Webb said it's all thanks to a great team effort and equipment that they were able to rescue Greibrok.

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