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Governor Dayton starts water quality town hall in Rochester


Governor Mark Dayton has a goal of improving water quality in the state, 25 percent by 2025.

He says he needs the people's help because the state's water belongs to everyone.

To do so he's hosting water quality town halls across the state.

On Monday in the Heintz Center, the room was packed, around 300 people ready to do their part to help improve Minnesota's waters.

The Town hall is the first of ten scheduled across the state.

Some of the topics were the importance of controlling sediment runoff from Lake Pepin and the use of cover crops 

But most of the time was spent in groups, discussing what people's ideas were.

Those ideas are being compiled to act as a springboard for future policy.

However, the hope is that if the people of Minnesota bring it upon themselves to make water better, there wont be much need for policy.

"It's not going to happen if government regulates and government makes people do what they don't realize they need to do, so you get 5 percent participation," Governor Dayton said. "I mean it's going to have to be 95 percent participation in Minnesota, with everyone saying 'What can I do to conserve water' and also act on it to make it cleaner."

Dayton knows that he's going to be out as governor in a year and a half, so there's only so much he can do.

He says he wants things in place, that will move forward with the 25 by 25 goal regardless of him in office.

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