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Bishop Quinn Holds listening session at Steubenville Youth Conference


Pope Francis has instructed all bishops to listen to the youth of their congregations.

He's looking for answers to a couple questions.

"How we can best serve them but also what we can do as they journey in their faith," Bishop John Quinn, of the Winona Diocese, said. "What helps them grow, what is it we're not doing, what are we doing well that we can keep doing."

These young people are aware that the world is changing but their faith doesn't always keep up with updated worldviews.

"I think if we get our opinion on these things, they might have a better idea on how to help," Nathan Drees, one of the teens, said.

Some of their suggestions were for more church activities.

"We have a very long diocese, it'll take like 5 hours to get from one side to the other," Kindall Hubka, another attendee, said. "So I think we should have more opportunities in all different sides of the diocese."

Another was to try to encourage more people their age to become priests,

"I'd like to see more retreats for males, for priests, to interest men into the priesthood," Drees said.

However other suggestions were more progressive, urging open-mindedness.

"I have a few friends who are amongst the homosexual community and for a lot of them it's a big trouble to feel like they're welcome in the church," one of the youths said during the listening session.

Its the desire to grow, that Bishop Quinn appreciates.

"That's the beauty of young people they change over the years but we always have young people," Bishop Quinn said.

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