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Mayo Clinic rolls out its single, integrated record system


The EPIC command center in Rochester manages the implementation of the electronic health record for Mayo Clinic Health System in Wisconsin.
There are 300 to 400 people helping more than 9000 providers. EPIC is a knowledge-based system that will help patient care happen more smoothly.

"For our patients it's really to continue to provide that high quality Mayo Clinic care, in a seamless way, and the same experience, regardless of which door they come through to enter Mayo Clinic," said Kevin Paige, Chair of Operations for Electronic Medical Record Oversight.  "And it could be in Wisconsin, could be in Florida, it could be in Arizona, could be in Rochester."

Last week EPIC went live with the system in 20 clinics and 7 hospitals, first helping doctors figure out security and access and whether or not a printer is working.
Now, 7 days in, Epic is helping with more complex issues, like workflow, what type of order is needed for patients and training questions.
They keep track of the calls they receive and how many of them they resolve, as well as help with billing and patient accounts.
All with the goal of providing staff with the latest technology and the best practice.

"Dr. Henry Plummer, over 100 years ago, at Mayo Clinic Rochester, developed the first single integrated medical record," said Paige. "Today what you're seeing is his vision being digitized."

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