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10 Who Make a Difference: Chuck Sutton


Chuck Sutton of Byron volunteers at Pax Christi Catholic Church and Dorothy Day House to help the homeless, and is one of our 10 Who Make a Difference award recipients.

Sutton has been volunteering ever since he retired - for about seven years - and members of the church say he has had a huge impact on the students he teaches. 

Sutton said he didn't know he was nominated for the 10 Who Make a Difference award, and members with the church say he certainly doesn't seek recognition. 

"I know Dana Petricka from my church is the young lady that entered me, and I thought there was something up because of the questions she would ask me. And I'm glad she didn't tell me what she was doing 'cause I would have advised that she wouldn't do it. Because I wouldn't have wanted to have been...I mean say I'm being honored, but I don't consider it an honor but I am appreciative," said Sutton.

Sutton also delivers Meals on Wheels each week, and visits the sick and elderly, who he has gotten to know through church. 

Sutton said his favorite volunteer job is at the Dorothy Day House, where he works four to five shifts per week.

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