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Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea will consolidate some of its services to the Austin campus


Because of staffing shortages, rising costs and declining reimbursements for their services, Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea has decided to move some of its services over to Austin.

Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea will 'consolidate' its ICU, major surgery and childbirth services to the Austin campus, providing the services in one location instead of two.

The announcement Thursday morning had some nurses feeling stunned.

 "I think I can speak for every one of our members that we were absolutely astounded at the scope of what they're proposing, and what they seem ready to start to put into process," said  Co-chair of the Minnesota Nurses Association Kathy Lehman. "It will likely impact, I'm guessing up to 70 percent or so of the nurses that are currently here."

The medical center spent more than a year analyzing health care services on both campuses to understand which services are used most frequently. Vice President of Mayo Clinic Dr. Bobbie Gostout said "It's no longer feasible to duplicate some of our most complex and expensive health care services."

"Our nurses are wonderful. So I don't think there's going to be any negative patient care. Right now, we have robust systems to transfer patients to Rochester that need a higher level of care," said CEO of Mayo Clinic Health Systems Dr. Mark Ciota. "Those same systems will be in place if you happen to show up at our emergency room and need to stop in Austin. None of that will change."

Mayo Clinic conducted the analysis to adjust the services offered on each campus. The results show that more than 95% of services patients use are the emergency room, primary (including pediatrics and pregnancy care) and specialty care, out-patient surgeries and procedures, laboratory, radiology and pharmacy.

Mayo said it found that fewer than 5% of hospital visits are for major surgeries, overnight hospitalizations and ICU stays, and childbirth.
A facilities analysis showed the Austin campus offers the best layout for the expansion of hospital rooms, larger intensive care unit, and room for additional growth.
The Albert Lea campus will continue to offer frequently used services, and it will also house in-patient behavioral care and addiction services.
According to Mayo Clinic, the changes to the campuses will take place over time, possibly several years, as further remodeling and planning will be needed.

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