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Rochester neighbors come to woman's aid after near death experience

Zahra on her trip to Iran Zahra on her trip to Iran

In March of 2016, Rochester resident Zahra Zamiri narrowly escaped death after her ex-husband shot her. Since then, her recovery has been an uphill battle, but she's finally able to walk. She says the love from her neighbors has kept her going.

Zahra Zamiri is thankful for every day. "Every day I wake up I say thank you God for giving me two times life," said Zamiri.

After all, she knows life is short. Hers was almost taken last March after her ex-husband came to her door, shot her three times in the chest, then killed himself.

She says the memory of that day still creeps up on her. "Sometimes I see a red car and remember my husband had a red car," said Zamiri.

Somehow she's able to move past it, and focus on the second chance she's been given.

Zamiri said, "Before, I thought I must have a beautiful house, beautiful car, I must save more money. [Now] I'm just happy that I have stayed in the life, that's it."

While she was recovering in the hospital for more than two months, she didn't know if this would ever be possible. She says she felt alone because all of her family was still in Iran, where she's from.

After hearing the news of what happened, Zamiri's neighbors came to her aid. Before the accident, Zahra didn't interact with her neighbors much, but now they are the ones that keep her going while she recovers at home. Her neighbors visit her almost every day to keep her spirits up.

Zamiri's neighbor Earl Elias said, "That's the commandment, to love one another. And if you don't tell your kids, neighbors you love them, you may not have that time again."

Zamiri's new American family came with an American citizenship too. She became a U.S. citizen in May in a special ceremony after calling Minnesota home for six years. She says America is heaven for her.

Zamiri just returned from a trip to her hometown in Iran to visit her family.

That was the first time they had seen her since the shooting.

Her daughter is now here on a student visa to help take care of her, but she says none of this would've been possible without the support of her neighbors.

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