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Stay Out of the Sun Run promotes melanoma and other skin cancer research


The starting gun for the 2017 Stay Out of the Sun Run went off at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Lourdes High School, with all the proceeds going to skin cancer research.

Plenty of Minnesotans will have fun in the sun this summer and Mayo Clinic is trying to educate people on how to do so safely.

Nearly ten thousand people in the United States will die from melanoma this year, but there are ways to prevent yourself from becoming part of that statistic, including use of at least SPF 30 sunscreen, limited time outdoors when UV rays are at a maximum, and early detection of signs of melanoma.

"The objective of the run has really been to make people aware that skin cancer can be a fatal disease and to make folks aware of the risks of skin cancer and that of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, so that people can avoid developing risk factors, sunburns, and so forth in the summer months," said Mayo Clinic Melanoma Program Chair Dr. Svetomir Markovic.

Along with the Stay Out of the Sun Run, Mayo is hosting a melanoma education conference for survivors, patients, and their caregivers. It's a day long event and will be held Saturday in Geffen Auditorium at the Gonda Building in downtown Rochester.

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