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The Homestead senior living center opens last expansion


Mayor Ardell Brede joked that with about 500 people living at the Homestead at Rochester, they might be getting their own zip-code soon.

Staff say this is probably the last expansion they'll be seeing though.

They're referring to this growth as the Moors, Bridgemoor, Brookemoor and Bellemoor.

This will be adding 48 apartments for independent living, 30 for supported living and 32 for memory support living.

According to Mayor Brede, knowing this option is available can make the transition to senior living more bearable.

"So I'm sure there's a lot of emotion that goes in to moving, I'm starting to sort of think about that myself," Mayor Brede said. "When you got a place that's as glorious as this, you gotta feel pretty comfortable in a pretty short amount of time."

As of the latest census, more than 18 thousand people over the age of 65 live in Olmsted County.

Many of them call senior living centers, like the Homestead, home.

Currently there are around 20 centers in Rochester with about a 90-percent occupancy rate.

And in most cases, rent isn't cheap, averaging about 36-hundred a month. That does not include nursing and other fees that can often double the cost. 

According to County Planning Department census data, there are 18,000 people over age 65 in Olmsted county now, but that's projected to jump to 52,000 by 2040. 

Mayor Brede says the reason is obvious.

"You know all of the services available in the city, certainly the healthcare is the best in the world so a lot of people want to stay here or move here."

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