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Alden-Conger Supermileage team is London bound


Students at Alden-Conger High School rallied around some of their own Thursday, holding a school celebration to cheer on the Supermileage team headed to London for a global competition.

This is the team's 2nd time going to London for the competition. Last year they got 3rd place. This time they're hoping to do even better in a competition to make the most fuel-efficient car.

Earlier this month, the 14-person team went to Detroit to take part in the regional competition there. The team got 2nd place in Detroit with a car that could get 457 miles per gallon. The next stop is London where they'll be competing against teams from Asia and Europe over Memorial Day weekend.

The team's success is a community effort. All their funds are raised by the community. The local shell station is paying for seven of them to go to London.

The winning team wins a trip to Italy, where they get to spend a week at the Ferrari Formula One Headquarters learning about supercars.

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