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Albert Lea fire fighters teach first graders all about fire safety


Stop, drop what you're doing and forget for a moment that it's story time in class. 
The Sibley Elementary first graders were filled with joy when two fire fighters walked into their classroom. 
Every year during the first full week of May, fire fighters go to all first grade classes in the district and give them a handout with fire safety messages as homework.

"It's basically a review of everything we've gone over with them in the previous years that we've had contact with them. It's the stop drop and roll, dial 911, all those basic safety things, exit drill in the home," said Captain Mark Light with the Albert Lea Fire and Rescue

Once they bring it back to school, the fire fighters pick up the homework and give them a fire themed t-shirt and a water bottle.The first grade fire education program started 26 years ago, and firefighters are happy to continue to spread the word.

"The other day when we were doing handouts at one of the other schools here in Albert Lea, the first grade teacher, she confided in the rest of the class and she says 'I still have the t-shirt from when they came and visited me when I was in first grade.'" Said Captain Light.

Captain Light said they are hoping to expand the program and spend more time with they kids when they are in junior high for example, or seniors in high school -- since they don't see the first graders again until they are in fifth grade.

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