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Police have two in custody after "gunfight" outside Rochester bank

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Police block off shooting scene after 1 p.m. (Photo from KTTC-TV Saint Marys Skycam) Police block off shooting scene after 1 p.m. (Photo from KTTC-TV Saint Marys Skycam)

It all started with three men coming out of this apartment where they had been seen multiple times in the past.

"On the street right here, I saw three guys walk out from this building try to cut the street go to the parking," One witness said.

By the time they got to the parking lot, tempers got hot and a fight broke out.

"When we left the restaurant we were standing behind our vehicle just across from the entryway and I heard pop pop pop," another bystander said.

Multiple shots fired through the olive garden parking lot with bystanders in the crossfire.

"Somebody's shooting at this young man with a gun, his life was in jeopardy obviously as well as the other people in the parking lot," the bystander said. "And there were others in the parking lot.

With this crime being in broad daylight the gunman was easy to pick out.

"Well the one guy with the gun had blue jeans and a blue hoodie, it was blue and gray, and he had a Nike cap on backwards," Paul Robertson, a witness who worked in the bank building, said.

Police arrested two men and are looking for a third, but they don't know if he's the shooter or the target.

What they do know, they didn't see any blood on the scene so they don't think anyone was hit.

"It's always possible that somebody will show up later, possibly at the hospitals, with a gunshot wound," Sergeant Frank Ohm with Rochester Police, said. "But, that we can tell, no individuals were hit, only vehicles at this point."

But that does not set people at ease.

"We recently moved here from Los Angeles, 15 years in LA and this is slightly unnerving," Peterson said. "I've heard gunfire in LA, I've never seen it before like this."

Rochester police swarmed to a scene outside Minnwest Bank at 331 16th Avenue Northwest after witnesses said shots were fired.

Police Sgt. Frank Ohm said three or four males "got into a fight" at the bank parking lot before 1 p.m.  Police believe at least six shots were fired.

Sgt. Ohm said two men are in custody, and police are searching for others who may have been involved. 

Apparently no one was hit by the gunfire.

One witness told KTTC's Niala Charles that she saw three black men leaving a nearby apartment complex, then one of the men began shooting at another man, then all three fled the scene. 

A couple of other witnesses said they were enjoying lunch at the Olive Garden restaurant when the shooting occurred.  One woman's car was hit by a stray bullet, and police said the side of the bank building was also hit by a bullet.

Yellow crime scene tape was up near the Minnwest Bank parking lot.

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