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Hello, sunshine! Crews start putting boats back in water at Lake City Marina

Lake Pepin Lake Pepin

The saying goes, "you spend time on land, but you live life on the water."

For avid boaters like Janie Becker, boating season is the most wonderful time of the year. "It's just wonderful. It's funny you don't think about it, and every time this excitement just comes."

"Just harnessing the wind and feeling the power the wind has pushing you across the lake, nothing better. I'm hooked, clearly," said sailor David Brustad of Minneapolis.

With a little bit of elbow grease, captains prepared their vessels Friday afternoon for the dog days of summer.

"This is special anti-fouling bottom paint. It keeps the goop or slime off your boat and you're faster all summer," said Brustad, who was painting his boat when we spoke with him.

Captains like Brustad were putting the final touches on their watercraft before Lake City Marina workers put them in Lake Pepin.

Becker, who has watched the process for over a decade, talked us through part of the process of taking a boat from land to water.

"Once the belts are underneath [the boat] and secured, it'll bring it right over and put it in place with the help of the men security everything exactly as needed."

Crews expected to put 25 boats in Lake Pepin by the end of their shift on Friday.

Another person spending their Friday at the marina was Wayne Hokemeir. He spent his morning with two of his sailing partners that he met through their sailing club. For 40 years Hokemeir's sailed across Minnesota and the world, but there's a special feeling when he looks at the water when boating season is beginning.

"During the winter you're anticipating this time of year when you can come out, get your boat ready, and start actively sailing," said Hokemeir.

Crews at Lake City Marina expect to finish putting hundreds of boats in the water in May. 

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