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Neveln elementary prepares for severe weather with a tornado drill

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -

To be ready for any kind of severe weather, students and staff at Neveln elementary practiced how to get to a safe place as soon as warning sirens sound.

According to their principal, they did a good job listening to the adults.

They walked in an orderly fashion towards the school's basement -- there were no sirens since it was a drill. They practiced listening to their teachers, and their teachers practiced getting them down to the basement quickly and safely. Principal Dewey Schara said the basement is one of the safest places in the district, being completely free of windows or other things that could fly and hurt someone.

The goal is to get them down to the basement in under four minutes, and once they were all down there they got into brace positions

"The key is, and I keep saying it to them, is listen to the adults around you," Principal Schara said. "Follow their directions because nothing is perfect. In a real event, things can happen and you have to be listening and paying attention 'cause we might have to make adjustments on the fly."

He said they were downstairs in under four minutes and everyone was in position in a little more than four minutes, which he was satisfied with.

State law requires them to have a drill once a year, but they do have more than one drill if they are not satisfied with the results.

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