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Four kittens rescued from a recycling facility have chance at life

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -

It started out a day like no other, Matejka Recyling had enough cars piled up to get to work.

When, instead, they had to pop into action.

"We were ready to get the motor out of the car and flipped it over to pull off the catalytic converter," Bob Praxel, who found the kittens, said. "Out comes three little kittens."

Multiple, adorable, days old kittens. 

While staff looked for the mother, they knew they needed help.

"We put them in a box and [a coworker] called the humane society and they came and rescued them from here," Praxel said.

However the Winona Area Humane Society was only able to bottle-feed them, what they needed was a mother.

"We get a phone call and when we got the phone call there's a woman who said "I have a momma that just had kittens and the kittens are three days old' and we said, 'How fast can you be here? Come to us ASAP'," Kelly Sackmaster, with the Humane society, said.

They weren't sure the mother would accept the kittens as her own but by the look on her face, everything fell into place.

"She is now a happy mother of 7," Sackmaster said.

However the Humane Society says it's not the one to thank.

"On my end I kind of just facilitate everything," Sackmaster said. "Really the heroes of this story are, it's Matejka Recycling who saw them, heard them meowing and acted, and did something about it, they're the heroes."

But Praxel says he just did what he had to.

"It was one of those serious moments you know," Praxel said. "And kittens are beautiful so I just wanted them to have a chance at life, you know?"

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