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Rochester residents celebrate the first day of spring outdoors amid mild weather


Spring officially began at 5:29 Monday morning with the vernal equinox and folks in Rochester were treated to mild weather to celebrate the start of the new season.

High temperatures were running about ten to fifteen degrees above normal Monday afternoon, so plenty of people were out in warm weather clothing---- like shorts and t-shirts.

Whether getting a carwash, taking the kids to the playground, or grabbing a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen, the weather was perfect to be outdoors. A fitting start as we transition to longer and warmer days.

"Got my summer tires put on, I'm taking the sandbags out of my truck here, and I'm getting my free ice cream for March 20th so I like it. It's a great day, I don't have to wear my sweatshirt today. Honestly, I'm walking outside, my friend took the skyway and I was like, 'You know what, I'm gonna walk outside, why would I walk inside?'," said Rochester resident Darlac Nguyen.

While we can't expect too many days with this kind of warmth in the immediate future, our weather team tells us there's also no snow or other wintry weather in the forecast for the coming week.

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