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Catholics allowed to eat meat on Saint Patrick's day

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -

Corned beef and cabbage, a traditional meal on Saint Patrick's day.

But how do you keep a tradition alive on a Friday during lent, where fish frys are normally king?

Well the dioceses of Winona, like many across the country are making an exception, making many Irish Catholics very happy.

"It's nice to be able to celebrate our heritage," Julie Olstad, a Catholic school teacher, said. "Many of us are Irish so it's great to be able to celebrate our heritage with a tradition of corned beef and cabbage."

"We are having fun celebrating Saint Patrick's day whether we're eating corned beef or not,"Joan Broadwater, another teacher said. "It's kind of a nice pardon to be able to go out and celebrate a traditional Irish meal."

Saint Patrick's day falling on a Friday is not a common occurrence so these folks don't feel guilty about making the exception.

"When Saint Patrick's day falls during lent our Bishop Quinn gives us a dispensation" Cheryl Wilma, another teacher, said.

Whether fish or meat's on the table, for many, it makes no difference.

"Being Irish, I don't think it affects my spirits today whether I can or can't eat meat," Drew Gibson, having dinner with his family, said.

Many Bishops said that to make up for eating meat today, people can choose to perform another act of penance, or they can pick another day to abstain from meat.

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