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City of Mantorville unveils new brand, logo and tagline


For the people of Mantorville, unveiling the City's logo, emblazoned with a stagecoach, at the Hubbell House, couldn't be more appropriate.

"So Mantorville is very unique in that it has this very strong romantic appeal," Mayor Chuck Bradford said.

The Hubbell House was a popular place for weary stagecoach travelers to stop on their trails.

And it's that feeling that is still alive today.

"People really like to come here and get away from the daily grind," Bradford said.

In Mantorville there's a commitment to taking care of that which came before.

"Because we are one of the few within southeast Minnesota that has maintained its primary buildings as well as we have, we feel like that's our charge," Jane Olive, President of the Mantorville Restoration Association, said.

However one can only look to the past, but so much.

"We can't just simply dwell on the past and say look at what a great town we have been, we really want to portray a future," Bradford said.

That rings true with the city's new tagline: Trail to the past, Road to the future.

That philosophy resonates in how the community takes care of its buildings too.

"Yes you want to preserve the look, the feel, but it has to be modern," Olive said. "It has to fit the way people live and the way people want to use  the building. They aren't any good if nobody's using them."

It's getting people excited for the future of the city.

"To the future of course we have children growing up here and more people wanting to move where it's smaller"Nancy Naatz, a resident of Mantorville, said. "I think it'll be a great place."

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