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Sunday Liquor Sales bill ready to become Minnesota law with Dayton's signature

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -

The days of having to make a run for the border on a Sunday for packaged wine, beer or liquor are now numbered in Minnesota. 

On Thursday, the Minnesota House decided to embrace the Senate's version of the Sunday Liquor Sales bill, and with relatively little drama, the contentious issue is at last on its way to Governor Mark Dayton's desk for his promised signature.  The House vote was 88 to 39.  Monday, the Senate voted 38 to 28 in favor.  It's the first time for Sunday liquor sales since Minnesota became a state in 1858.

Beginning in July, liquor stores will be allowed to stay open seven hours on Sundays, opening for business at 11 a.m.  The House's version had suggested stores could be open for eight hours on Sundays, but by adopting the Senate's version a conference committee was avoided.

"It's time that we change the law, bringing Minnesota liquor laws into the 21st century, allow Minnesota retailers to serve their Minnesota customers," argued Rep. Jenifer Loon, (R) Eden Prairie, the bill's champion in the House.

Republican Senator Jeremy Miller of Winona had been among the strongest voices for getting rid of the Sunday liquor sales ban in the State Senate.

“It has taken several years of work, meetings, and education to get to this point, but I couldn’t be happier for the people of Minnesota. This is the strongest grassroots effort by the people that I’ve seen on any issue during my time in the Senate," said Senator Miller on Monday.  "This entire effort has always been about choice. No liquor store will be required to be open on Sundays, but they should have the choice to do so if they want, just as consumers should have the choice to buy beer, wine, and liquor on whatever day is most convenient for them."

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