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Local businesses impacted by Day Without Immigrants Protest


It was called "A Day Without Immigrants" and in the Twin Cities alone, 49 restaurants, kitchens and cafes were closed.

The protests are aimed at showing President Trump and America the importance of immigrants and the effect they have on the country on a daily basis.

Here in Rochester, several businesses were affected by this day of protest, namely Beetles Bar and Grill.

The restaurant was closed Thursday in recognition of the protests.

They weren't the only ones that saw an impact, Hefe Rojo and Newt's were down many people in their kitchen staff.

While several people called in sick, managers knew it was to recognize the "Day Without Immigrants" protest.

Even though it made the day a bit difficult for the restaurants they said they are fully support what they're doing.

"This one day is a day of reflection and it should be considered because if we didn't have immigrants in this country the hospitality industry would fail miserable," said Anthony Pester, a chef at Hefe Rojo.

Pester says all of their immigrant workers are legal residents and workers.

He says their impact to their company is very important to them and that he is personally grateful for all of the immigrants that he has worked with in the past.

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