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Test Story Page for Carol - Do Not Delete


The phrase "kindness is cool" has been the focus at Rushford-Peterson Schools, and each month, the Stomp out Bullying Committee finds a way to embody that phrase with various themes. 

"We try to teach kindness all through the year, however it lends itself to do it," said first grade teacher Becky Halverson-Lind.

"You could make somebody's day by going up to them and saying, 'You look nice today' or 'I really like your shoes',” said Megan Oian, a student ambassador.

During the cold month of December, the bullying committee held a door-decorating contest, with each classroom door decorated in wintry themes about kindness.

There are doors with cute puns, another with hot chocolate. And you can even take a trip to see the Grinch in Whoville!

"They saw that kindness is actually cool when they can make it with their friends,” said Oian.

The winning door comes from Halverson-Lind's first graders. It's Charlie Brown themed with lessons in kindness laced throughout.

"The students made the snowflakes, they're kindness snowflakes. They have ways to be kind to each other on them,” said Halverson-Lind.

But there's so much more to kindness than a decorated door. It's one of the greatest gifts a person can give to others.

"It's just so priceless and it means so much to the other person, that no words can describe it," said Oian.

So this Christmas, give your loved ones the ultimate gift.

"It doesn't cost any money or something like that,” said first-grader Abby Prinsen.

Take some advice from little Abby, who is wise beyond her years: Give your loved ones kindness and love this year. Your loved ones and your wallet will be grateful.

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