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On The Road: Theilman


If you don't pay attention when driving through Wabasha on County Road 4, you might not even notice the hidden town Theilman.

"It's a small town with a big heart, we stick together to get a lot of good things done." Russel Meyer, President of the Theilman Sportsman's Club, said. 

Meyer has lived in Theilman his whole life, just like his father and grandfather before him. 

He and the rest of the Theilman Sportsman's Club got together a decade ago and decided to restore the heart of Theilman, the opera house.

"Couple gentlemen said 'should we try to restore this thing?' and you know I live next door and I'm thinking like we've got no chance, that's going to cost too much money." Mark Loechler, member of the Theilman Sportsman's Club.

They did their best to keep the memory of their building alive.

"So that's an original wall from back in the 1900s and then the ceiling and everything is just a makeup of what the original was," Loechler said.

It took 10 years of work with fund raising events throughout, with their biggest event being an annual street dance.

"Tonight's one of our good nights there'll be around 700 to 900 people out here and we look forward to them all coming,"  Meyer said.

Folks from all over come to Theilman every year to enjoy the music, the people and obviously the dancing. In the past they've had all types of bands, from country to blues, this year they really tried to liven up the party and get people on their feet. It goes to show that even in a town of 70 people have no problem having fun with one another. It gets to the spirit of Theilman.

"It's a very nice place to be. One lady that's visited our town one day told me it was the crossroads of souls, said it's a great place to be," Meyer said.

The Sportsman Club members say they have the opera house completely paid off. They are excited to start working on fixing up another part of the town, but they don't know what just yet.

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