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On The Road: Waterville

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    KTTC 'On the Road'

    Take a look inside your favorite communities to see what makes them special as KTTC goes 'On the Road' this summer.

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    Take a look inside your favorite communities to see what makes them special as KTTC goes 'On the Road' this summer.

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Hook, line, and sinker.

We're heading on the road to Waterville, a town with a lot of, you guessed it, water. Nestled along Highway 13 in the southeastern corner of Le Sueur County, Waterville is home to two large lakes, Tetonka and Sakatah.

Avid fishers from around southern Minnesota frequent the town of just under two thousand people to cast their line and try to hook the big one.

"Waterville is a pretty unique spot in this area of the state. There's a lot of lakes just peppered around this area if you look at a map. Tetonka and Sakatah, they've been known for a long time to be good fishing lakes in the area," said Axel Streed, the owner of Axel's Tackle Box.

"There's a multitude of fish, from northerns all the way down to your bullhead. Everything's there in good supply and people always have, most of the time they have very good luck at catching their limits," said Streed.

The Minnesota DNR Fish Hatchery in Waterville stocks the lake with fish including, yes, walleye. That's what Bob Sahf and Steve Gilman are looking for.

"We came down here to get some walleyes, normally if there's any flow coming through these bridges, it kinda draws them all in to feed, get the bait fish and other things getting washed through and stuff," said Sahf.

"Our main target is walleyes, you'll catch everything, a lot of northerns are in here. You'll catch some sheephead and you'll catch your share of walleyes too," said Gilman.

These two have been fishing for decades and Waterville is one of their number one spots to cast out.

"Oh, I'm over here about 3 times a week. Well, maybe more, on the weekends I'm usually over here," said Sahf.

If you're headed out on Tetonka and Sakatah, you'll need the right gear and Axel's Tackle Box is the perfect place in town to pick it up

"We use a couple of different hooks here in the lakes here for panfish. Pink and white's been a good color, chartreuse and orange, good color," said Streed.

"These are used for walleye. A lot of people use the fire tiger color scheme. They come in various sizes and shapes. We got spoons, this one happens to be a weedless type. We do have weeds here and that helps not get weeds in the hook," said Streed.

If you need bait, you're set at Axel's.

"Alright, two dozen panfish leeches," said Streed to a customer. "Thank you," the customer replied.

So what's the number one thing to know if you're heading out to fish in Waterville?

"Know your limit, don't go over your limit. Know the rules of making sure the weeds are off the trailers and the water's out of the boat. It's a good thing so invasive species don't spread from lake to lake. Other than buying bait here, I think that'd be the most important thing to know," said Streed.

Good tips if you're heading on the road to Waterville, a fishing paradise.

There's plenty of campgrounds and resorts available for reservation if you want to take a trip to Waterville. The DNR also offers guided tours of the hatchery if you reserve in advance.

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