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Man charged in Lewiston murder appears in court

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -

The accused killer of Tasha Lynn Hanson, Kyle Benjamin Allers, stood before a judge Monday morning in Winona.

This is a chilling case of domestic violence in Lewiston, a young mother killed. Now, her two children will go on without her, and their father is behind bars.

Tasha Hanson was only 24 years old. She leaves behind a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter.

This story goes all the way back to early Friday morning, when a Winona County deputy first had contact with Allers. The deputy found blood under the trunk lid of Tasha Hanson's car and also on one of Allers' hands. Also, one of Allers' eyes was black and blue.

Later Friday, a family member of Allers contacted law enforcement, fearful that Allers had killed Tasha Hanson. Allers had asked that family member, a hunter, about a good place to hide a body where it wouldn't be found.

The family member reported two possible locations to law enforcement and it was at one of those that investigators did find her body.

"Law enforcement performed a search of a wooded area and found a woman's body. The search started about 8 p.m., the body was located at 12:35 a.m," said Winona County Sheriff Ron Ganrude.

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Her family is devastated, but they fondly remember her.

"She would talk to anyone, she was so friendly, and she was a wonderful mom. She did just an amazing job for her two little ones and it makes us so sad that she's not here and they're never going to know her now," said Hanson's aunt, Kristie Burt.

There were some signs of issues between the couple, but no one could have expected this.

"There was times he was good to her. We knew they had problems, just like any couple does, you just didn't think it would ever lead to this, you would never think this," said Burt.

Allers was charged with 2nd degree intentional murder without pre-meditation. The county attorney asked for bail to be set at $10 million, but Judge Jeffrey Thompson set it at $1 million.

"We were concerned about if he was released, there would be a threat to destruction of evidence. He had indicated that he wanted to try to burn evidence of the crime," said Winona County Attorney Karin Sonneman.

Now, both families look ahead to a funeral, life without Tasha Hanson, and court hearings for Kyle Allers over what happened.

Allers' next court appearance will be May 26 at 1:30 pm.

The family has set up a donation for the children at Bremer Bank and appreciate all the community has done so far. There is also a GoFundMe account to assist the family with expenses. The children are staying at an unnamed family member's residence while the case is sorted out.

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