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A lot at stake for Republicans and Democrats alike, as New Yorkers head to polls

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Tuesday's New York primary could be a turning point in the Republican race for president. If Donald Trump wins by a landslide, as polls predict, it would be almost impossible for Ted Cruz to win the nomination without a fight at this summer's convention.

"We're gonna show Ted Cruz, who hates New York," said Trump.

Donald Trump is favored to win Tuesday's New York primary. He is up 10 points in a month, even though NBC's latest poll shows more than two-thirds say they couldn't see themselves voting for him. 

"...and no New Yorker can vote from {sic} Kasich," said Trump.

John Kasich - a distant number two in New York - is the only Republican in NBC's poll who beats Hillary Clinton.

"I can get blue collar workers, and I can get independents," said Kasich.

Ted Cruz hasn't campaigned in New York in four days. He's already focused on next week's contests in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

 "There are two and only two candidates who have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the Republican nomination: Me and Donald Trump," said Cruz.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said, "New York had my back and I always tried to have your back."

Hillary Clinton is hitting the Republicans while fighting allegations of fundraising malpractice from Bernie Sanders. He claims she's using money designated for other Democrats on the ballot.

"Let us all do everything we can to make sure that New York state has the largest turnout in a Democratic primary in its history," said Sanders.

Sanders is counting on Tuesday's turnout to make up a deficit of nearly 700 delegates. The Democrats have nearly 300 delegates at stake.

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