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State of the State: Dayton urges GOP and DFL to work together, maintain financial integrity

Gov. Mark Dayton Gov. Mark Dayton

Two days after the beginning of the legislative session, Gov. Mark Dayton addressed both sides of the aisle with his annual State of the State address. In his speech, Dayton praised how far the state has come under his watch, and addressed what he hopes will happen during the legislative session.

Dayton said his first priority would be to "protect the financial integrity of the state government," and reflected on how the state went from a deficit when he entered the office to the surplus it has now, and said he won't leave a deficit for his successor.

"We have righted our state government’s fiscal ship," said Dayton. "We have cleaned up the other games and gimmicks used to disguise that fiscal mess and we have built the budgeted reserve fund to an unprecedented level."

Most of all, Dayton called on both GOP and DFL lawmakers to work together in order to tackle important issues this session.

"Minnesota's always been at its best when we work together," said Dayton. "We are better when we recognize and anticipate the challenges ahead and come together as one Minnesota to create opportunities for every child, every person, every family to succeed. That is the Minnesota which has built our success. That is the Minnesota we must work together to achieve."

Both parties' legislative leaders responded to Dayton's address after it concluded. Both sides said it was good to hear the Governor set a tone with his State of the State and pledged to work with him to get things done in legislative session.

"It's nice to see someone who takes governing seriously," said House minority leader Paul Thissen (DFL-Minneapolis).

"While Governor Dayton and I may not agree on the path, there are shared goals there," said House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R).

Dayton also touched on issues like racial disparities in the state, the need for early childhood education, and fixing the state's roads and bridges.

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