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House Speaker Daudt lays out legislative plan during Rochester visit


When Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt and various other house Republicans stopped in Rochester Thursday morning, they laid out their mission statement for the upcoming legislative session.

"Keep a very focused agenda...for House republicans that means we want to pass a couple of things," said Daudt.

At the top of the list were two priorities: cutting taxes throughout the state and passing a transportation bill to fix the state's roads. The transportation bill is something both DFL and Republican lawmakers want, with Daudt proposing using money from the state's surplus to pay for it.

"When we have a surplus, we feel like we should spend those dollars and Minnesotans would expect us to spend those dollars to take care of our road and bridge infrastructure before going back to Minnesotans and asking for more money," said Daudt.

However, in a response after Daudt's speech, DFL representative Tina Liebling said using all of the state's surplus to pay for roads and bridges is a temporary solution to a long-lasting problem.

"Maybe we should put some of that surplus into transportation, but we also need something that, in the future, will give us revenues when we don't have a surplus," said Liebling.

While Republicans and DFLers may still be far apart in how they approach the state's needs, both sides are hoping they will work out their differences once they get to work on Tuesday.

"There's going to be a lot of demands on committee's hard to tell at this point," said Liebling.

"If we focus on what matters to Minnesotans and we focus on the areas where there is agreement, we can be successful and we can work together to accomplish that," said Daudt.

The ten-week legislative session begins on Tuesday.

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