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Sneak Peek: Expansion of Mayo Civic Center about 30 percent complete


Since ground broke in March of this year, crews have been working hard on the $75 million Mayo Civic Center expansion. You may have seen the steel beams that went up not long ago, but what we can't see from the street is even more impressive. With every pour of concrete, the vision is starting to come together.

“We've been planning this thing for over a year now. We started looking at the plans to turn our proposal in about a year ago today,” said Knutson General Manager Tom Leimer.

Small components of the $75 million project are already finished, like the new locker rooms, but the big stuff still has a long way to go. The ballroom, when finished, will be the biggest in the state of Minnesota.

Mayo Civic Center Managing Director Andy Krogstad has watched the developments from the very beginning.

"Right now we're about 27 percent complete with the project, almost 30 percent honestly, so it's moving along quite well,” Krogstad said. "When you look at it on paper, and we've been looking at it on paper for several years, you just don't really get a feel for how large it is and how tall it is until you really see it like this.”

80 men and women from about 20 sub-contractors have been working hard to meet deadlines, like the re-opening of the skyway last week.

“The time, the energy that's spent putting something like this together and how everything, how one group works with another trade, and how they all work together to make this happen, it's very impressive,” said Krogstad.

Now, while it's not directly part of of the Destination Medical Center plan, the new Civic Center will give the city the meeting and convention space to move more projects along, and bring people into Rochester.

It's the first big, visible staple of an evolving city.

"It's one pour at a time, it's one estimate at a time, it's one meeting at a time. Projects like this do not happen over night,” said Leimer.

And with about $40 million of work to go, there's still plenty of work days ahead.

The project is expected to be done one year from now. In the meantime, the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau is using the hashtag "opening 2017" to share photos and unique video of the project.

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