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Mild December weather opens golf courses in Rochester


Fall has taken a mulligan., and there's not a golfer in sight that's crying foul. Oak Summit Golf Course in Rochester was just one of a few that opened for business Monday due to warm temperatures.

"It's rare to golf in December, it's not rare to see this many golfers because most of the golfers out now are real die-hards as we call them,” said Oak Summit Golf Course employee Rick Brekke.

At Oak Summit, about 20 golfers in hats, long pants, and gloves hit the links Monday afternoon; one, from as far away as Ireland.

"I met Phil here in Ireland in 2001, and I've been coming to Rochester ever since, every year for vacation,” said Paul Behan in an Irish accent.

Paulie, as he's known, says Ireland is a bit greener right now, but you can't beat getting outside when it's usually a winter wonderland this time of year.

Another two-some on the course Monday golfs a little more locally. From St. Charles and Dover, they know the fairway should be covered in snow. Even fighting the whipping wind, they're thankful for each stroke.

"We've been playing fairly decent, so it's been fun, real fun,” said Terry Lehnertz of Dover.

Of course, no matter how you play, it all makes for some good talk at the 19th hole.

"It's nice to brag that you've been golfing in December in Minnesota,” Lehnertz said.

Reaffirming that Minnesotans don't mess with winter, and winter isn't messing with these golfers just yet.

"We don't let little things like a little wind or 40 degree temperatures bother us. We'll come out and do what we want outside and we love it,” said Brekke.

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