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First ever MedCity Muscle Classic brings bodybuilding to Rochester


The Med City Muscle Classic showcases some of the toughest bods in the Midwest, but under all the spray tans and bulging muscles is a pulse.

"A lot of times in the morning before I even do anything, I get up in the morning and do my fasted cardio, which is nothing in your stomach, and just doing 20-30 minutes of cardio," said Jerod Graff a bodybuilder from Fargo, North Dakota.

The body builders of the Med City Muscle Classic really are human just like any of us.

"I do teach, I work both at the front desk for our local Y, and I teach group fitness classes," said Laura Schwab who is also a bodybuilder from North Dakota.

"There's construction workers, there's nurses, we have doctors competing, sales people.  I mean, all walks of life," said judge Will Husting. 

The difference is the gym isn't their obligation it's their playing field.

"I like to switch it up so every two, three weeks.  I will switch up to keep my body guessing.  Sometimes I'll do one body part, sometimes I'll do multiple body parts," said Graff.

Athletes are judged in a variety of ways depending on their specific class.

"We're looking for obviously musculature, symmetry, leanness, density, balance, everything.  An overall physique," said Husting.

The winner captures the hardware, but not without a few sacrifices.

"I love cookies," said Schwab with a smile, "I bake a lot of cookies, but they get baked and given away."

It proves they are still human.  As for those famous spray tans, Schwab says they are painted on in multiple coats.  It can take nearly a week to finally wash it all off.

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