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On the Road: Welch

WELCH, Minn. (KTTC) -

Sid Melancon is a boat captain on the Mississippi River. We met up with him at the marina in Welch where he looked out on the water and proclaimed,  "This is my office. Not too shabby of an office!"

Melancon pilots 12 cruises a week on the Spirit of the Water. "The river is deep in my blood. I've tried to leave it a couple of times but it keeps drawing me back. Something about having views like this, even on the bad weather days. I love meeting people from all over the world and telling a little history of the river and showing them a little of the river," said Melancon.

You can find Spirit of the Water at the marina just behind Treasure Island Resort. Think all the big action is found inside its casino? Then you haven't been inside Treasure Island's Xtreme Bowl. The 24 lane alley hosts all kinds of professional tournaments. The PBA Senior Tour came through in July and the PBA women will be here in a few weeks. Matt Johnson is a manager at Xtreme Bowl. He told us, "You get to watch people bowl and see how good they are. You meet everybody behind the scenes like the PBA truck guys and the guy who does the lanes. It's just a lot of fun."

Speaking of fun, Welch Village is known for good times once the temperature falls. We caught up with skier Shania Bode last November. She told us, "When you're super scared and you go down a hill and you're like, oh, I just did that. It's super cool!'

Let's get back out on the water. This time, the Cannon River for a little tubing. We met five friends from Minneapolis who made the road trip to celebrate a birthday and to just get out of the city. Chad Scharnberg told us, "I was just telling them on the way here, this is what you think of when you think of farmland and beautiful countryside with the rolling hills and the farmsteads. It's pretty."

And these guys are up for adventure. Chris Tovrea explained, "Sometimes you lose a cooler and then you have to chase it. It's definitely interesting each time." Chad Scharnberg added, "I haven't been tubing since I was a kid so I'm open for anything."

Just across from the Welch Mill tubing outfitter, you'll find the Trout Scream Cafe, a refueling stop for many out enjoying a day biking on the Cannon Valley Trail

A summer day in Welch is likely one you'll remember long into the cold days to come...and then you may come back to make some winter memories. 

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