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Rochester man pushes daily running streak to 45 years


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- For 45 years, every day, ran or shine Steve De Boer man has put foot to pavement.

"One time I was running and I had mask that went up to here and stalking cap up to here, and I got frostbite under my glasses," said De Boer while laughing.

"I run 3 to 5 thousand miles in a pair of shoes."

He runs 3,000 to 5,000 miles on a single pair of running shoes, and he is somewhat of a running celebrity.

"People that don't know me said that guy is crazy, and people who do know me go, oh there is Steve," said De Boer.

He normally runs shirtless, unless it gets very cold.

"If it gets below freezing it's more comfortable with the shirt on," remarked De Boer.

He has the third longest daily running streak in the country.

"They live on the west coast," said of the two men ahead of him on the list, "So when that big earthquake happens and they fall into the ocean, I will be number one."

Minnesota's Forrest Gump is still chasing another man, his father.

"He's the oldest person known to have a running streak, when he ran when he was 85 and 85 and a half," said De Boer, "So what's my goal? To beat my Dad!"

Day after Day he keeps going.

"I've run a little over 700 races in my life," said De Boer.

He plans to keep running well past his 90th birthday.

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