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Assault in Austin thwarted by scream for help

Casey's General Store on 12th Street SW in Austin. Casey's General Store on 12th Street SW in Austin.
AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- An attempted assault in Austin Monday night was thwarted, all because of a scream for help.

Officers from the Austin Police Department responded to Casey's General Store in Austin just after 11 p.m. Monday, after a report of an attempted assault.

Officers said the 17-year-old female victim reported she was sitting in her friend's car at the Casey's on 12th Street Southwest while it was closing.

The outside lights were off and the victim saw two male figures with knives, approaching her.

One man told the victim to get out, but she didn't move, so one of the men grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her out of the vehicle.

The victim screamed for help, and the men ran across the yard of the Faith Church next door.

Austin Police Chief Brian Krueger said more officers were called in to help with search efforts.

"The officer who initially took the report, along with four other officers searched the area, thoroughly. They even used some thermal imaging equipment to try to locate them, but they were unsuccessful in trying to locate these two individuals," said Krueger.

The victim told police the men were wearing dark, baggy clothing and full face masks.

However, the eye openings in the face masks showed both men were white.

One of the men is said to have been about 5'9, and the other a tad taller, and they both are of medium build.

Chief Krueger said if anyone has any information on the assault, to please contact law enforcement.

Please contact us by phone or else they can also use our Tip 411 line to lead us to the suspect because, obviously, we don't want individuals carrying knives lurking in the night. So, we would definitely like some assistance on this,” said Krueger.

He also wanted to make sure everyone knows how to handle any assault situation, if it were to happen to well as how to take precautionary steps.

[If you are assaulted] contact us immediately. Don't do something that is going to get yourself hurt. We always advise that at night, travel in pairs. Don't be out there alone. Make sure you're with someone if you happen to be out and about,” said Krueger.
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