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On The Road: Preston

PRESTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- Beautiful waters and a small town feel. There is a lot to like about Preston, Minnesota. For a long time, the majestic rivers full of fish have been drawing visitors from all across the country.

"You'll see people from all over the upper Midwest," said Rich Enochs of the National Trout Center, which is located in Preston.

It's hard to stop by Preston without dropping a line. The town is the trout capital of Minnesota.

"Anytime you have a cold water fishery, and you have good trout fishing, than the city that's in the middle of it should be called the trout capital," said Enochs.

The pristine waters of Preston offer a chance to catch numerous types of trout, and bring peace to those venturing to the countryside.

"For me it is a sense of being out amongst nature for all of the best reasons," said Enochs as he casts out a line in the river. "Trout only live in beautiful places, and that attracts me."

Every fisherman has their favorite spot.

"I get on my bike and I go two to three miles out. It's a really fun way to get to places that don't get fished that much," said Steve Bahl who knows the area well.

Bahl has been part owner of the Branding Iron Supper Club restaurant in Preston for 26 years.

"I grew up with this place, and outside the area there aren't many other restaurants that have a view kind of overlooks the whole city," said Bahl sitting at the restaurant bar.

He began working at the restaurant when he was 15 years-old. Now Bahl and other locals are keeping it on the map.

"We have survived even in the tough years because of the local support that we get," said Bahl.

Together they are making Preston the place to be.

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