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Rocho Nacho Club on quest for best nachos in Rochester

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The Rocho Nacho club is on a quest to find the best nachos in Rochester. The Rocho Nacho club is on a quest to find the best nachos in Rochester.
ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- A group of Rochester friends are taste-testing their way across Rochester with one goal in mind. They're trying to find the very best nachos in town.

The Rocho Nacho club has garnered a following on social media in the year and a half they've been trying nachos. Things got pretty cheesy when NewsCenter's Devin Bartolotta and photographer Shannon Bolte came along for one of their recent taste tests.

"I think it's just a group of people that like nachos,” said one nacho lover.

Some Rochester foodies are on a quest for the best cuisine, and they're "nacho" typical club.

"So it's the Rocho Nacho club,” said another nacho lover.

Every three weeks, they order the Tex-Mex favorite at a different restaurant in Rochester, and then rate their experience.

"We go out and we eat good nachos - mostly good nachos - and just hang out! It's fun,” said one of the group's founders.

You might have noticed by now that there are no names in this story. These cheese lovers prefer to keep their identities a mystery. That is, until you join them.

"For anyone who would maybe join in new, it's kind of like a fun challenge, you have to kind of step out of your comfort zone a little bit to go find it,” said one Rocho Nacho club member. “ [We're] totally open to people just kind of jumping in and seeing who we are and what we're doing."

They announce their tasting times on Twitter and Facebook, and anyone is more than welcome to come along.

Getting to know new people is part of the fun.

They've tried everything from duck nachos to authentic Mexican, but could Roscoe's "Porkachos" make these anonymous nach-ficianados melt?

"Porkachos is a pretty appropriate title for these,” said one nacho lover, digging through a bowl of Porkachos.

"The cheese on them is amazing. Can't beat nacho cheese,” said another.

The nachos are ranked in eight categories: Ooh factor, topping taste, topping ratio, distribution, general taste, title, value, and overall flavor.

"Topping taste is pretty great, even though it's not anything extraordinary. I'm going to give it a nine,” said one member of the group as she ranked her nachos on a spreadsheet on her phone.

They let the chips fall where they may as the spreadsheet averages the scores.

After trying the delectable dish at more than a dozen restaurants, no Rochester nachos have scored a perfect 10, although there are some top contenders.

"McGoons was one of our higher rated ones,” said a member post-nachos. "And the Pork Nachos at Dooleys."

This appetizer adventure is all in good fun.

"It's a great way to explore all the different food options without spending a ton of money on dinner. Just kind of going and checking out places and supporting local businesses.”

So how did Roscoe's stack up?

"7.695 for tonight is pretty high,” one Rocho Nacho club member announced after the judging was complete.

It's one of their highest so far, even though they're always looking for new options.

"We're even talking about going to a Honker's game where it's going to be your normal corn chip with some nacho cheese, but I mean, who doesn't love that?"

If you're interested in going along on their next taste test, check out the group's Facebook page at

The Rocho Nacho club will also be tweeting the details on their Twitter page: @NachosRMN

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