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Isabel, the Prom Princess

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. (KTTC) We told you on Thursday about 7-year-old Isabel Perez and her battle with idiopathis intercranial hypertension/psuedotumor cerebri, which unfortunately can't be cured.

She has made an adventure and dream list of things to accomplish, one of them being she wants to attend prom.

Saturday evening, her dream became a reality at Kingsland High School's Prom.

Before the dance was the Grand March, where Isabel had her time to shine, as she made her way through the Candyland-themed walk.

Seniors Rachel Harder, Alex Gleason, and Leah McQueen, the girls who made it all happen, were her escorts.

Isabel told us how she felt walking through the Candlyland path.

It was very good annndddddd....I was a little nervous,” said Isabel.

Isabel and her mom, Laura, talked about what they are going to cross off next on Isabel's adventure and dream list.

"Oh, Dancing in the rain...Wait, I already did that, mom!" said Isabel.

"We haven't gone out dancing in the rain yet," said Laura.

"I did,” said Isabel.

"Without me?!" said Laura.

The playful exchange between mother and daughter showed the love that Laura and Isabel have for each other.

Here's to Isabel and more crossing off of items on her adventures and dreams list.

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