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Cat Chat


ROCHESTER (KTTC) -- I've often wondered what my cats are REALLY telling me. Especially my Ms Alice who keeps waking me up at 5:30 in the morning with a specific 'chirp' sound.

I might be getting an answer soon. There's a new book by Dr. Gary Weitzman called "How to Speak Cat." Dr. Weitzman says the typical frisky feline can make 16 different sounds, but they don't usually use them when 'talking' to other cats. How lucky are we human? We get our own 'cat chat.'

I suspect Ms Alice is trying to get me to feed her wet food with her early-morning 'chirp.' Dr. Weitzman says cats also use their meow sounds to get people to let them outside, or to pet them.

Dr. Weitzman also says when cats talk to cats, they use their eyes or tails. A cat blink is like a kitty kiss. A straight up tail is like a handshake. Claws extended and lots of hissing...well, that's when I run the other way.

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