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Down the Mountain


ROCHESTER, Minn (KTTC) -- It's been said you can fulfill your dreams through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God.

It's something a Rochester woman knows to be true. Though Anne Okuku lives in Southern Minnesota, her heart is in Western Kenya, and a school she developed with her siblings.

Because of the time-zone difference, she makes calls late at night to talk to her school manager and teachers. Anne lives with minimal sleep, but she remains dedicated to a school she and her siblings started last January on her parent's former home site. Her parents loved education and kids. They are gone now, but their legacy lives on through Nagoli Academy.

Early each morning, the kids start coming down the surrounding mountains and hills to get their education. Nagoli Academy is registered with the Ministry of Education. It serves kids in Western Kenya, and is now in its second year, serving as many as 70 students.

"We have quite a bit of kids who are smart, but don't have opportunity," Okuku says. "We can invest in things, but one child somewhere is going to be something. And they're going to say they went to school at nagoli academy. and that will make me very happy!"

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