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COPY-Special four-legged employee brings smiles at Rochester Appliance Service

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- One unique employee of a Rochester store is giving new meaning to the expression "working like a dog" with his wildly hospitable service all while wearing an enormous "toothy" grin.

When Jim Hafner adopted his four-legged friend, he instantly noticed his huge jaws and love of water.  Sharky, as he is now called, has become much more than a household pet, but Rochester Appliance Service's most valued employee.

Sharky is a boisterous bundle in a Lab/Chow/German Shepherd package, and he brings a smile to customers by always being there to get the door. He has been an extra set of paws for a few months now.

"When he first started he was about 75 percent, but now he's about 95 percent big baby," said Dan Borgin, an employee of Rochester Appliance Service. Sharky may be a big baby, but with a big brain.

"Sharky, do you see the dust on this vacuum? Do you see the dust? Go back and get the rag please," requests Borgin, as Sharky darts back to the store's closet to snatch a cleaning rag.

"He has a long nose so he gets allergies real easily, so that's why we had him do the dusting," said Borgin.

When it comes to a warm goodbye, Sharky ensures customer satisfaction, guaranteed. "They look forward to coming back to pet him. A lot of customers bring him treats and bring their children down and they all trust Sharky because he's so calm," said Borgin.

The real secret weapon to Sharky's work performance is simply his adorable face. Luring customers in for a few extra minutes to hear about the quality vacuums on sale.

For Sharky's dog-gone good job, he receives the ultimate package in work benefits. "401-K9 is what he has," jokes Borgin.

Not to mention his paycheck comes in every few minutes in the form of doggy treats. At the end of a long work day, Sharky does what he does best, as man's best friend.

"If you think customers like him, we like him a lot better," said his owner, Jim Hafner.

Sharky is the ripe age of a year-and-a-half, and you can always teach a young dog new tricks, so we'll see how he continues entertain customers in the years to come.
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