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Paranormal team investigates Mantorville

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Paranormal team investigates Mantorville Paranormal team investigates Mantorville
MANTORVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) -- As one of Minnesota's oldest cities, Mantorville has been a hot spot for paranormal investigators to see if they could uncover unexplained happenings throughout the town.

Earlier this month, KTTC meteorologists Ted Schmidt and Jonathan Kegges were invited to tag along with the Johnsdale Paranormal Group. Equipped with thermal and night vision cameras, voice recorders, and other high tech gear they investigated the Hubble House and Restoration House for paranormal activity. 

"We'd like to catch a video or photographic evidence of an actual apparition," said Brian Miner of Johnsdale Paranormal Group. "We've caught some peculiar pictures that resemble human futures, but nothing clear or definite yet."

On a snowy November night in historic Mantorville, the Johnsdale Paranormal Group came to town in hope of finding what so many people say they have already seen.

"All of us have had some sort of personal experience that was unexplainable and it really compelled us to find more answers," said Miner.

The first stop was the upper rooms of the Hubble House.

"There's renovations being done and apparently last week an apparition of a female was seen right behind me in the room to the left," said Justin Miner of Johnsdale Paranormal Group.

After about four hours of setting up and trying to make contact with something, nothing. So off to location number two: The Restoration House.  This is where things get interesting.

"Right on the front of the couch it looks like someone was sitting there," said Miner.

The Restoration House was once the county courthouse and site of Dodge County's first jail.  Today it's been restored into a museum to give you a taste of what it was like to live in the late 1800s. Things got off to a hot start upstairs. A light had turned on by itself and thermal imaging revealed someone had been sitting in a chair that no one was actually sitting in.  The thermal camera caught something similar to this demonstration.

"Now if somebody was leaning up against this and took their hand away, it leaves a heat signature, " said Miner.

Two children are said to have been heard upstairs and the antique bed frequently has indentations, an indication it has been slept in.  But that's just the beginning. The basement, where the jail and Ted were, was far more active.

"The last time we were here we had some interesting interaction with this wash tub over here," said Miner. "We were picking a lot of electromagnetic field readings off of it which is pretty strange because it's not an electric wash tub."

Paranormal investigators said there is a correlation between ghosts and electromagnetic fields, and when that meter goes off there may be something unusual happening.

The final experiment though may make your hair stand up.  The group placed a flashlight on the wash bin and asked for something that was in the room with us for that thing to turn on the flashlight. 

And this back and forth conversation continued for about an hour making this trip to Mantorville a successful one.

"The biggest takeaway I think is that there is something interesting going on here," said Miner. "This is the second we've been here and both times we've had interesting things happen, stuff that we really don't have an explanation for right now."

This group thinks there is something going on in Mantorville, but it's up to you to decide.  The group is still going through hours of data from that investigation. 
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