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Tonic Holiday Coupon

Tonic Holiday Coupon

A refreshing break from the ordinary! In the heart of Rochester across from St. Marys, Tonic is a neighborhood gathering place. It's the perfect place for meeting friends for a cup of tea, enjoying a smoothie made with locally sourced ingredients, or feeding your entire family.

At Tonic, we truly believe you are what you eat. We know our community. We know our suppliers. And we know that our family recipes for borscht and pyrohi, our specialty bison entrees and fresh soups, juices and delicious bread, are the kinds of things you want to eat – and to feed your family.

From a comforting family meal to a beautiful and delicious catered array of appetizers for your home or office party, Tonic is prepared to deliver a one-of-a-kind dining experience that will appeal to everyone.

Tonic serves local food from area farmers in hearty breakfasts, wraps, salads, and soups cooked to fit your needs; gluten free, nut free or dairy free? We do it. The most delicious juices featuring fresh berries and veggies? We do it. Good food that is good for you? We do it.

Local, seasonal, traditional food. Hearty, wholesome and delicious food. Tradition with a twist. Tonic.

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