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Interfaith Peace Prayers calls for understanding, unity amongst all cultures

 ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- As violence has erupted across the world, including terroristic activities by ISIS militants, local efforts to foster peace and acceptance amongst all faith traditions and cultures are working to counter threatening messages that have been grabbing our attention.

Today, Assisi Heights held its interfaith peace prayer gathering to have a meeting of the minds of people from various backgrounds.
The gatherings are meant to instill a sense of peace and understanding amongst people in our community.
This year's event worked to build the momentum from the recent rally held at Calvary Episcopal Church last month, calling for tolerance and peace.

"Our effort is to bring people together, to sit at opposite ends of the table and talk about it, and come to a resolution that is peaceful and that is understandable by all parties," says Assisi Heights Spiritual Center director, Marlys Jax. "So our effort is, to bring people together in dialogue, because all conflict is going to be resolved, more than likely, through dialogue and not through bombs."

This is the fifth year the Rochester Franciscan Sisters and Cojourners have held the event.

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