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On the Road: Grand Meadow

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GRAND MEADOW, Minn. (KTTC) -- The next stop on our summer On the Road series is Grand Meadow. The town with the unique school buildings also has a unique festival called Meadowfest. The three day festival has evolved over the years to showcase many events, including one that is making a name for itself in the Midwest.

For four years, Mud'n in the Meadow has been a staple of Meadowfest, which is a long standing tradition in the small town of Grand Meadow.

"Every small town fest is huge," said Grand Meadow Police Chief Jim Richardson. "It's when people can come back and visit the town they grew up in."

This particular muddy attraction stretches beyond local lore, nabbing challengers from all over for its unique venue of a mud pit sitting in a grand meadow.

"They love it, it's flat it's open, it's almost like a race track meant for them," said Richardson.  "It's one of the better venues in the state, if not the Midwest."

The mud in the bog can be as deep as two feet, and some cars rip through it in under five seconds.  Once your foot hits the pedal your hooked.

"Like I said you got mud in the blood.  It's an excitement every time you hit that throttle," said mud trucker Bernie Ross. Ross is a Mud'n in the Meadow veteran and rolls out his unique ride each year. "It's a 76 Chevy, 4 wheel drive of course. It's got a big block 454 in it. 38 inch tires," explained Ross.

For him it gives him a chance to entertain a community he loves.

"Very good people, very helpful, give your shirt off the back type of people," said Ross.

He will continue to rev his engine for a Grand Meadow crowd that never gets old.
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