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John LaDue tapes released

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WASECA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Within the last 24 hours, interview tapes with the Waseca teenager accused of plotting an attack are giving us a first look into the mind of John LaDue.

The recordings reveal further evidence of LaDue's plans to kill his family and bomb his school.

In the interviews, LaDue cooly lays out his plans to authorities how he planned to kill his family before setting a field on fire to distract authorities while he bombed his high school.

LaDue told investigators that he wanted to die and he wanted to take as many people as he could with him.

He said he had planned on executing his plan before the end of the school year. The case against LaDue is laid out in hundreds of pages of documents released Tuesday afternoon.

Video showed LaDue testing bombs that were later found int he storage locker where an area resident reported him acting suspicious and called 911.

LaDue told investigators he was not bullied and that he had good parents.

His father claims he had no idea what was going on.

LaDue said he had been having thoughts like this for years. "I was thinking about this since I was in like eighth grade," LaDue told investigators. "Not thinking about it seriously like I was now. Just like entertaining the thought. I was actually thinking about other similar incidents like when I was a sophomore I thought about doing this with a handgun that I had legally purchased."

LaDue will remain in the Red Wing Juvenile Facility until his next appearance on July 7.

On July 30, a judge will consider the decision of trying LaDue in adult court or keeping him in the juvenile system.

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