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10 Who Make a Difference: Chuck Johnson

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Chuck Johnson is a dedicated woodcarver using his talents to give back to his community. He has been following his carving passion for about six years and is president of the Rochester Woodcarvers Club.

Johnson crafts pieces that he donates to his church, friends and even Hiawatha homes.  When he isn't working on another sculpture, he helps educate others about Parkinson's disease. His work with the Parkinson's Support Group helps make people with the disease aware of how important their diet, exercise and medical treatments can be to their lifestyle. But no matter if he is working with people or wood, he said he always loves a good challenge.  

"What I get out of it, the enjoyment of doing it and a lot of times I will accept it and then I will find out what they want done and then I will say whoa, how am I going to do that," said Johnson. "But the challenges I enjoy doing, too, the challenge of it."

Johnson also began an organization called "First Tuesday" to help with the janitorial upkeep of his church and "Helping Hands" to help run their weekly operations. Between all of these different organizations, Johnson has been known to volunteer up to 40 hours during one week. 

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