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Flooded fields a problem for area farmers


HOPE, Minn. (KTTC) -- Farmers across Southeastern Minnesota are dealing with the aftermath of a week of heavy rain, and officials say standing water in flooded fields is already killing planted crops.

Areas across Southeastern Minnesota have gotten anywhere 3 to 7 inches of rain over the week, and as you head west toward the Owatonna area rain totals are even higher than that.

According to Lisa Behnken of the University of Minnesota Ag Extension Service, a lot the crops have been covered in water for a number of days and are already starting to die. She says the heat has also played a role because planted crops die more quickly underwater when it is hot.

She says in some cases portions and edges of fields are underwater, but it some cases, entire fields may be flooded.

Farmers say now there's nothing to do now but hope for better weather. "Just wait for things to dry up and hopefully we'll be able to replant some of the soybeans that were damaged," said farmer Brian Seykora. "On the corn side its a little late for that once things dry up, but just take it as it comes is all we can do."

Behnken says for farmers looking to replant, soy beans would be the first choice because they can still produce in a shorter growing season but that won't be an option for all farmers

Officials say we wont know the full extent of the damage until the fields dry out.

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