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Plainview family loses home in weekend fire

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PLAINVIEW, Minn. (KTTC) -- Fire tore through a Plainview home over the weekend leaving the family that lives there homeless. The family was just getting started after the birth of their now seven-month-old son.

The fire took everything this young family owned, but did spare the lives of those inside. Even among so much devastation there is a silver lining in the way the community has stepped up for the Sievers family.

Early Saturday afternoon Bobbi Jo Sievers heard a noise.

"I went to go investigate it and I saw black smoke out of our kitchen window and I saw a little flame and I turned around and went for my son who was napping in the living room," said Bobbi Jo Sievers.

Her husband, Jacob, had just left the house, but quickly turned around when he got the call that their house was on fire.

"When I got here I saw my son and her outside and I was thankful for that and I turned to the house and the flames were taller than the house," said Jacob Sievers.

Fire crews responded to the two story home in the 500 block of First Avenue Northwest about 1:30 p.m. Saturday. After the flames were put out and smoke cleared, help in the form of friends and strangers started to arrive.

"We had a guy come up to me after the firefighters were done and they offered a house to us that he had and I asked what he wanted and he said we aren't going to worry about that now," said Sievers.

"It's just amazing I can't explain it.  I still cry yet with what people post on Facebook, giving us money.  It still brings me to tears knowing that people care for a young family that's just starting life out," said Sievers.

And now the family has the tough task of starting everything over, but the community is helping make things a little easier.

If you would like to help the family, click here.
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