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Tom's Heroes: Bella Voce

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- In a world where beauty is often measured on the outside, there is one group that measures beauty from within.

Bella Voce means beautiful voice in Italian. It's one voice, that joins another one. Until you get beautiful music. Voices united in a force for good. That's the mission of Bella Voce. Six years of touching spirits in southern Minnesota, and around the globe. More than 50 young women embracing their potential to change themselves, and their world, through the powerful tool of a voice.

Bella Voce, and the younger singers -- the Bella Fiore and The Bellettes -- are Shelly Winemiller's vision.

"They bless my life," said Winemiller. "Each student imprints my heart."

It's an imprint that started back in 2007.

"Music as you know is such a powerful gift to change lives. Music heals. It brings people together that might not otherwise come together," said Winemiller.

And together, they are using music to make change such as their involvement with the "Breaking the Chains" initiative to stop human trafficking.

And then, there is the outreach to Gift of Life Transplant House and patients at Mayo. Even programs that touch young people around the world -- a campaign to help girls in Cambodia and homeless children in Slovakia.

Heroes, making a difference, one Bella Voce, joining another Bella Voce, deeply connecting in a force for good.

The Bella choirs are seeking girls in grades 6-12 to audition for next season.  Scholarship are available.

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