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Party of the Century: Recent history

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The history of the Mayo Clinic may be written in books, medical journals and a collective memory, but it's also scrawled in steel, stone and glass.

"We're seeing almost a 360 degree view of Mayo Clinic here," said Matt Dacy, the Director of Mayo Clinic's Heritage Hall as he stood in the lobby of the Gonda Building.

As the Clinic advanced and grew through the 20th Century, its foundation reached further into Rochester.

There was the Siebens building that opened in 1989. "On the site of the Mayo family home from the 1860's and the first Mayo Clinic building from 1914," Dacy said.

Then, from a giant hole in the ground, the crown jewel of the Rochester campus, the Gonda building, opened in 2001. "It allowed a practice that had a whole new standard of care," Dacy said. "Much more efficient, much more effective for our patients."

Now, a new home for ground breaking treatment, the Proton Beam Therapy Center is taking shape. It's a scale of treatment and technology that Dr. William Worrall Mayo could have never imagined 150 years ago, or Dr. Will, Dr. Charlie, or Dr. Plummer. But they laid the foundation.

"We haven't really changed all that much for all the changes that have gone on, the principles and values of that kind of shared service are so very strong today," said Dacy.

As the Clinic expanded in Rochester and cities across the area and country, the medical advancements and accolades continued: the first comprehensive cancer center in multiple locations, a rapid diagnosis test for anthrax poisoning, new screening measures for all kinds of diseases and their treatments.

"We're never done, always discovering, always something new is going to be coming in the future," Dacy said.

There is a lot in the future. At 150 years, the Clinic is officially one year into Destination Medical Center.

"We've almost come full circle," Dacy said. "You saw the statues of Mother Alfred and Dr. Mayo who came together in partners in healing when this community was wiped out by a tornado. The same collaboration and community spirit is happening now with DMC."

Looking back at the past 150 years, where they've carried that collaboration and community spirit from the aftermath of a tornado to today, they're getting poised to bring their famous team approach of care into the future.

"Come back in 25 years, it will be true then also," Dacy said.

In 25 years, the story will look very different. 25 years from now, DMC will have already transformed Rochester. The Clinic, private developers, city, state and county will have spent billions, and new medical advancements beyond what we can picture now may be on the horizon, but it all started in a storm.

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